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Kendall Gray

Hunting, fishing, anything outdoors, that’s where you’ll find Kendall. Everywhere from catfishing in rivers to deer hunting on a ridge! His channel documents his many exploits and is growing in popularity.

Grind Hard Plumbing

Grind Hard Plumbing Co. are a couple of friends who build crazy cars and contraptions out of their garage! They’ve put a Honda dirt bike engine in a power wheels Barbie car, chopped a dirt bike frame to build a snowmobile engine powered off road scooter, and that is just the beginning!

Mavrik Joos

Mavrik Joos is the preeminent influencer in the YouTube overlanding community! With an explosive growth trajectory and a wide variety of content, Mav will show you how to live off the land – and have an amazing time doing it!


DIY Creators

Glen likes cool stuff – and makes nothing but! When Glen makes a video, he wants you to be apart of it – so he will show you all of the steps to take it from idea to action! The mistakes, changes, failures, and successes are all part of the journey; he shares this journey with you so you can learn from his experience!

The Wood Whisperer

Started in 2006, The Wood Whisperer is the longest-running online educational series for woodworkers! Although a lot has changed throughout the years (like several shop moves, two kids, and a lot more gray hair), we’re still a small family-run business that relies heavily on community support for our success!

Modustrial Maker

Mike Clifford recently transitioned from full-time patent attorney to full-time creator! His unique and stylish approach to video has led his channel to incredible growth, hitting significant viewership milestones time and time again!


The Family Fudge

The Family Fudge have established themselves as the number one choice for Kids Lunch ideas! Jennifer and her littles ones share their signature charm in each and every video, helping them to continue to grow to enormous heights!

Jamerrill Stewart

Jamerrill Stewart shares her life with her huge family! It isn’t easy managing this household, as she documents the day-to-day life on a homestead. Her trajectory is on a massive uptrend as she prepares for long-term growth.

Naturally Brittany

Brittany is all about keeping things simple for those with families! In an ever hectic world, Brittany helps her viewers navigate parenthood. She focuses on helping moms have the motivation to enjoy their lives as moms. Brittany shares tips from kids clothing to cleaning to natural product DIYs and beyond!



Camille has seen tremendous success as a result of her incredible hair care tips and techniques! If you are looking for hair, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips, this vegan beauty guru is just the person for you. 

Kathryn Bedell

Kathryn has been creating YouTube content since 2012. Originally focused on beauty, she has taken her channel in a variety of new directions, experimenting with different formats from vlogs to weight loss tips and everything in between!

Naturally Philo

This Ghanaian queen focuses primarily on uplifting and empowering women of color to embrace and love their natural selves. She is seen as one of the preeminent voices in the growing natural hair care category.



Danielle Glover is multi-talented actor/haircare enthusiast/cosplayer/gamer with a big, bubbly personality! Her channel is on a steady growth trajectory as she expands her content to include new exciting ways to engage her audience.


ATL-based influencer kxdsheldy specializes in natural hair, lifestyle, and entertainment content. With over 14 million views on his YouTube channel, his content is up close, personal – and wildly entertaining!

Mikayla Mags

College student Mikayla Mags shares her life and the candid moments she experiences day to day! With a wide variety of content styles, Mikayla can do it all! She has enjoyed strong, consistent growth of her audience since day one.


Isaac Ramirez

Part-time firefighter and full-time content creator and model, Isaac Ramirez loves to share his passions of fitness and travel with his audience! Having amassed a huge following of over 1.2M followers on Tik Tok, he has already established himself as a name to know in the fitness space!

Brittany Shaheen

Brittany is unstoppable! Having just surpassed the 100k mark on Instagram, she has already become a well-established personality in the fitness community, working with many prolific fitness creators; she is explosive!


Dez is a force to be reckoned with! Having lost over 150 pounds, Dez has shared her weight loss journey from start to finish. Now in the bodybuilding circuit, Dez is a real-life example that any fitness goal is achievable!