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With over fifteen years of experience working with creators, brands, media companies, and ad agencies, Influint is the premier team for influencer-led marketing strategy.


An Influencer-Led Creative & Media Agency

To succeed with influencer marketing, it is critical to have a deep understanding of digital content, the talent that create it, and the audiences that consume it. Having worked with dozens of brands and hundreds of influencers, we know exactly what strategies to deploy to drive the business results you’re looking for.

What We Do

Social-First Creative

We understand the human aspect of influencer partnerships. By staying true to the influencer and keeping our fingers on the pulse of the social web, we drive optimal results while ensuring long-term resonance for your brand.

Data-Driven Processes

Data is paramount to our success. Performance analysis, industry research, social listening, and brand insights guide every decision we make - from creative strategy to influencer selection and everything in between.

Influencer Recruiting

Our highly-scalable methodology allows for the deployment of hundreds of influencers. Fully-customizable dashboards enable ease of communication, workflow management, and real-time KPI reporting for our clients.

Digital Media Expertise

We are subject matter experts when it comes to paid media. With capabilities across all major platforms and media types from mobile to out-of-home, we know who your audience is, where they are, and how to have the biggest impact.

Audience Engagement

Building an audience is important for any brand - but without mechanisms in place to continue to engage that audience, your efforts may be wasted. We offer community management, email solutions, and other retainer services to keep audiences happy.

Content Syndication

Make the most of your influencer content. We develop custom content strategies that allow you to extend the life of your content outside of the social feed, repurposing it for use at multiple touchpoints in the customer journey.

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